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The Internet magic led you to Mohammedia and specifically Fedala Hotel..

A little history and geography: Why the hotel is named "FEDALA"? 
Mohammedia was called "Fedala" until 1960, when it received its current name of King Mohamed V.
The city of Mohammedia, located on the Atlantic coast 60 km from Rabat (administrative capital) and 25 km from Casablanca (economic capital).
Near mountainous regions and agricultural Benslimane (35 Km) A very important tourist location which fits by beautiful beaches along its coastline and its rich history (Ramparts and Kasbah)

"Businessman", step a Fedala Hotel Mohammedia is justified by the positioning on the Casablanca-Rabat axis, so the proximity of the decision-making centers without the disadvantages of congested megacities.
"Tourists," the halt of a few days in the "City of Flowers"(another name for Mohammedia) will get you out of traditional circuits.
The coast, especially to the north, offers opportunities to relax in iodine fragrances while practicing your favorite activity (swimming, surfing, fishing, walking, sailing, horse riding, power boating and lounging).
You will also find :
A Royal Golf with 18 holes, a water sports, a shooting club to pigeons and Tennis Club.

Rue Abderrahmane Serghini , Mohammedia , Morocco           Phone 1 : 05 23 32 69 00     Phone 2: 05 23 32 72 04     Fax : 05 23 32 99 00
زنقة عبد الرحمن السرغيني، المحمدية، المغرب